From business meetings to birthday parties, in these unprecedented times almost all social activity has gone digital. Because you cannot be there in person, bringing that human touch to your virtual events is vital, and gifting your attendees is a brilliant way to add value and appreciation to it. Whether hosting a workshop, class or conference, you can upgrade that Zoom experience with these great reasons to give gorgeous gifts!


It will encourage sign-ups

Gifting your virtual event attendees can act as a great incentive for signing up to it. For instance, you can allocate gifts to the first number of attendees that sign up to attend. That tantalising allure of a gourmet snack box or wellness package will be too much to resist! You’re not only creating hype, but adding value to your event by showing that it’s not just another Zoom, it’s an enjoyably authentic experience.


You’ll be creating an unforgettable offline experience

In the absence of you being there in person, it’s more important than ever to create an offline experience for your attendees. Giving a gift to them makes it effortlessly feel more tangible, real - and ultimately - special. You’ll stand out from other digital events and increase your engagement too.


You can offer a sneak peak

By gifting your virtual event attendees beforehand you’re offering a teaser of what they can expect on the big day itself. This helps generate excitement about your event and lets them know what they can look forward to. So, go on, treat them to something nice so they’re counting down the days until they’ll be logging on and joining your event!


You’ll be showcasing the value of your event

Staging a virtual event isn’t as costly as hosting a location event in real time, so it’s important to still make it feel distinguished and indulgent. Gifting attendees is a brilliant way to showcase the value of it and make it memorable. It also reminds them it’s worth their time and you’ve paid attention to detail when it comes to truly spoiling them.


You’ll encourage audience sharing…which means brand awareness for you!

That to-die-for spa kit is so Insta-worthy! That grooming set must be shared on socials! We all know how key creating a buzz about your brand is, and ultra-cool gifts will be instantly bragged about on your event attendees’ social channels. This, in turn, will generate more brand awareness for you - and hopefully for your future events.


Want to outsource your event gifts?

If you’d like to dazzle your event attendees with a thoughtful, tasteful gift at your event, The Favour Studio can help you create bespoke gifts and gift boxes from our beautiful catalogue of artisanal items by independent designers. We can even source items you’re looking for. Then just allow us to take care of everything from the gorgeous gift wrapping to speedy shipping - so you can focus on your event.


Interested in working together? Simply email us or get in touch via our website to explore how we can create your incredible gift packages.

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