When it comes to corporate gifting, gone are the days when the office Secret Santa at Christmas will boost employee morale. Nor will a hastily thrown together package wow your clients. A thoughtful and well considered corporate gifting strategy is a vital way to make your team feel more valued, and to strengthen business associate relations. Here, we reveal the importance of prepping a corporate gifting strategy, along with the benefits your business will reap.


Corporate Gifting, Unpacked

The key thing about corporate gifting is to think outside the holidays. An unexpected but much appreciated gift will help create authentic connections and build lasting business relationships.

When planning your corporate gift strategy, remember the gifts you buy aren’t just a treat, they should convey a message and resonate.

A Corporate Gifting Strategy for Clients or Customers

Whether you’re celebrating a sale, thanking them for a referral or congratulating a business goal, gifting your clients or customers will surprise and delight them. Here’s why it will benefit you too:

  • Corporate gifting will improve your chance of repeated sales or retaining the client.
  • The positive gratitude spread by word-of-mouth is a great advertisement for your brand.
  • When done strategically and consistently, showing how much you appreciate their business can offer a good ROI.

Client or Customer Corporate Gifting Inspiration

  • Coach to coachee for successfully completing a course. 
  • Realtor to buyer when selling a house. Something comforting for the home, like a scented candle or blanket perhaps.
  • Marketing agency to client for reaching a revenue milestone. 

A Corporate Gifting Strategy for Employees

From celebrating personal milestones like getting married or having a baby, to professional ones like hitting sales targets or work anniversaries, there’s all manner of reasons to give your employees a gift. Here’s why your business will benefit as well:

  • Finding and retaining good employees is hard, gifting will make them feel noticed and valued.
  • Your employees are a crucial part of your business goals so increase their job satisfaction and loyalty.
  • It will likely increase their motivation and performance.

Employee Corporate Gifting Inspiration

  • Are they becoming a parent? You can’t go wrong with a few high-quality baby essentials like bibs, muslins and toys.
  • Are they getting married? Treat them to a thoughtful gift the couple can treasure – and it may even bag you an invitation to the big day!
  • Team hit their quarterly targets? Show them your gratitude with something special.
  • Did your company nail a huge project? Celebrate the end of a magnificent team-effort by rewarding them with a token of your appreciation.

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