Are you going above and beyond for your clients? As companies shut down under financial difficulties and corporate contracts are being cut, there’s more pressure than ever to stand out and prove you're worth holding onto. Whether you’re a PR or marketing firm, an accounting agency, or offer staffing services, it's worth considering how your company can stand out from afar.

Corporate gifting is one versatile way of forging and strengthening business relationships. There’s a gifting option for every type of client, regardless of gender, age, interests and company budget. Let’s take a look at how corporate gifting helps cement those working relationships, helping you secure long-term projects and enhancing your company reputation.


Add ‘a little something’ to virtual meetings

When clients come to a meeting at your office, you offer them an experience. You might send someone to meet them in reception, lay out the special cookies and coffee, and offer them a pen or notebook in your company branding. When everything’s online, your job becomes trickier. It's easy to forget to provide clients and potential clients with the little extras when you're both sitting in your living rooms on Zoom. The problem here is that there's nothing to distinguish you from everyone else they might be speaking with that day.

This is where corporate gifting comes in. We want to create an effect that Forbes calls ‘Partner Interrupt’. Your clients are so used to getting a voicemail, email or LinkedIn message from you, that receiving a handwritten letter or personal gift instead will really stand out. There's added power in providing something physical, too. Consider sending your client a little something before your big meeting - a mug, a reusable water bottle, or some good quality chocolate to keep them sweet. It’s a small effort on your part, but is sure to leave a lasting mark on your client. Bonus points if they actually use their gift during your virtual meeting!


Make your clients feel valued

It's natural to cut back your business’ spending during tougher times but think twice before you get rid of corporate gifting altogether. At the end of the day, gifting accounts for far less than additional employees, for example, and may even help your business make more money. This is because corporate gifting helps your clients feel valued, meaning they're more likely to both continue working with you, and to recommend you to others. During the pandemic, of the companies who increased their gifting, 60% did so to maintain connections with their clients from afar. Research into this topic shows that companies benefitted substantially from their relationship-building efforts, meaning that corporate gifting was well worth it in the long run.

We don't want to make our clients feel like faceless projects, or numbers on an Excel sheet. Instead, we want them to feel special and valued. Corporate gifting goes a long way, especially when you take the time to add a personal touch. A thoughtful note attached to your delivery is always a good idea, as is sending a congratulatory gift when your client reaches a personal or professional milestone.


Stand out from the crowd

Corporate gifting is also a great way to help your business stand out. The trick here is to gift your clients something they'd actually want. Forget the stereotypical branded merch - we’re talking really nice items. Think about what’s important to your clients: most people would rather receive something of good quality, less frequently. Instead of a cheap plastic bottle with your company’s logo on it, send a classy and sustainable glass water bottle. Buy from a specialist gifting studio to ensure your gift arrives wrapped up neatly, to add to the wow factor. Bonus tip: everyone gives corporate gifts at Christmas time. Stand out even more by choosing a different month. Your company’s anniversary is a good alternative, and will help ensure your gift gets all the glory.


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