In a year spent mostly online, it’s been difficult to ensure employees stay healthy and happy at work. At the end of the day, Zoom is no replacement for face-to-face time, and many of us have had to adapt to these new working conditions. Internal corporate gifting - when done right - allows you to celebrate your employees whilst boosting community spirit and increasing loyalty to your company. It really is a win-win.

But the key here is really in getting it right. You should know your employees well. After all, you spend enough time communicating with them. Aim to gift high-quality personalised gifts for maximum impact. A gift box is a good option, because you can put together a selection of personally chosen items for your employee to enjoy.

Corporate gifting rewards good work

One of the classic reasons for corporate gifting is rewarding good work. It’s been very tough for employees this year: many of us have been working from home in suboptimal settings, in the corner of bedrooms or living rooms with children and pets running around. Show employees you're grateful for their effort and dedication by surprising them with a midyear gift. There's no need to wait for Christmas: good work happens all year round.

It’s important to create a company culture that rewards hard work and commitment. Lack of appreciation is a big problem: 57% of employees report not feeling recognised or appreciated by their employer. At the more drastic end of things, this can lead employees to look for jobs elsewhere. Keep them onside by showing your gratitude with a thoughtful gift.

Keep your employees motivated from afar

On a similar note, a generous corporate gifting program can actually encourage employees to perform better. It gives them something to look forward to if they do a great job on a project, and reminds them that it isn’t all for nothing. Rates of burnout are unsurprisingly increasing this year, and taking the time to let employees know you appreciate them can be a real motivator. Corporate giving has been on the rise during the pandemic — partly because employers want to keep their teams motivated from afar. According to Coresight Research, employers surveyed reported a 35% increase in gifting since remote working became our norm. In addition, the top reason cited for this gifting was to keep employees motivated.

Cash bonuses are always appreciated, but if you don't have the budget, a thoughtful gift goes a long way. Gifts aren’t just for Christmas or anniversaries: consider treating employees who’ve performed particularly well on a company-wide project, or who’ve helped land a big piece of business.

Build strong bonds between your company and employees

It’s a given that every company wants employees to feel strongly connected to their mission, vision and values. Employees who feel connected to their company tend to demonstrate more loyalty, have a higher retention rate, and perform better. It's worth putting in a little effort to cultivate this bond between company and employee. Gifting can help bridge the gap between senior management and junior staff, and the more personalised, the better. According to a recent study, employees who receive a special and memorable gift are 70% more likely to feel connected to their employer. We can all remember a time we've received a really special gift, whether it's from an employer or a friend. Equally, we can all remember a time we've received a gift that’s just not right — usually from an elderly family member.

A nice way to help forge connections between your company and your employees is to gift them something special to celebrate a company milestone. This focus on the group, rather than the individual, helps remind everyone of the common goal, and can boost team morale. If done right, your employee will keep that gift for a long time, and each time they look at it, they’ll be reminded of your company.

How to gift employees something they really want

It’s not always easy to figure out corporate gifting, but here are some steps you can take to make sure you’re going in the right direction. First, consider your budget. Depending on the occasion, you might have a sizeable budget, but there are still plenty of options if you don’t have endless cash to splash. Next, speak to your employees. It sounds obvious, and yet it’s a step that’s often skipped. Ask them what kind of gift they’d like to receive, and see which answers appear the most. In some instances, a voucher is a nice option, but if others prefer receiving something more personal that demonstrates a level of thought. Finally, speak to gifting studios about what they can offer. Gifting studios are experts in putting together packages for companies that take into account the preferences of employees, whilst working within the requirements of the employer.


At The Favour Studio, we offer high-quality, personalised gift boxes perfect for showing your team that you care. If you’d like some more information, or to have a chat about what’s possible, get in touch here.

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