The biggest misconception people have about corporate gifting is that it is only used for large businesses. In fact, companies of all sizes can use corporate gifting to improve their business. 

A great example of this is the UK-based digital marketing agency Soup. Agency, founded by Amanda Perry. They’re a small team achieving big results and building great relationships with their clients is an essential part of their business strategy. Amanda founded the agency in 2018 and since then it’s gone from strength to strength. Even as she and her team were forced to start working completely remote in March 2020, it didn’t stop them from growing the business, expanding the team from 5 people to a team of 27(!) and achieving amazing results for their clients.

Soup Agency’s success didn’t just happen overnight, it’s the result of hard work, brilliant teamwork, and some thoughtful gifts. 

We asked Amanda about her thoughts on corporate gifts and this is what she had to say: 


What led you to develop a gifting strategy for your clients and employees?

Amanda: “It’s really important to us to connect with our clients - during lockdown that has made face to face meetings hard, so we turned to sending timely, thoughtful gifts instead. We have had many clients give birth, hit milestones, or just need a little cheering up over the last year, so gifting has been the perfect solution. Similarly with employees; we haven’t been in the office properly since last March, so sending gifts has been the perfect way to let them know they are appreciated.”

What does your corporate gifting program involve, and how do you determine its success?

Amanda: “I wouldn’t say it’s a program as such, and so we don’t have any kind of KPI’s attached to it - for us, it’s about being human and celebrating our clients successes the same way we would a family member or friend. I guess the measure of success is how happy the client is when they receive it - so judging by that, it’s working pretty well!”


Based on your own experience, what advice would you give business owners who want to implement a corporate gifting strategy in their business?

Amanda: “I would say go for it! Clients, customers and suppliers are human and love to be recognised for hard work/ loyalty/ great service - going that extra mile and showing that you appreciate them will always pay off. Nothing costs more than acquiring a new customer, so if sending a gift can retain an existing customer, then that is a great strategy!”

We love how building relationships is at the heart of everything they’re doing at Soup Agency. And we couldn't agree more. Building strong relationships with your employees, clients and suppliers is the key to building a successful business. And Soup Agency has definitely succeeded in doing that!

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