Bestowing thoughtful gifts upon clients or colleagues is a wonderful way to foster strong relationships and build business. But what to buy? Inappropriate or unimaginative gifts can leave them feeling ‘meh’ more than ‘marvellous’, so it’s key to shop something really memorable. From what to choose to what to avoid, follow our essential do’s and don’ts to corporate gifting and you’ll make an unforgettable statement.


DO: Tailor Your Gifts

When preparing corporate gifts, it’s easy to simply buy the same for everyone. But while a universal, one-size-fits-all approach may be easy, it won’t always strike the right notes. Get to know your clients or colleagues and think about something they’d really appreciate and use. Do they prefer tea or coffee? Do they love nothing more than sinking into a hot bath after a long day? Or perhaps they can’t get enough of their tech? Picking out a personalised corporate gift will leave a really lasting impression.


DON’T: Overdo It

While that generously stuffed gift basket heaving with chocolates, candles, fruit and flowers may look nice, it could come across a bit OTT. Bigger isn’t always better and could lead to cringey moments if your corporate gift comes across as unnecessarily excessive. So rather than throwing lots of money at all manner of items in the hope most will be appreciated, it’s better to pick one practical gift the recipient will actually use, appreciate and enjoy.


DO: Think Outside the Holidays

Corporate gifting isn’t just reserved for Christmas and the New Year, it’s a valuable way to show your appreciation all year round. Use corporate gifts thoughtfully to honour a new partnership, celebrate a birthday or close an important deal. This way, your clients and colleagues will be thrilled and surprised by your token of gratitude.


DON’T: Buy Gifts that will End Up in the Trash

Lazily or hastily thought out corporate gifts that are destined for the dustbin are not only a waste of time and money, but will likely do more harm than good to your relationship. Avoid corporate items with your company logo and daft, novelty items – these may work well as marketing tools at events but not as a gift. When packaging your gift, keep corporate branding to a minimum, your logo on a sticker will suffice.


DO: Remember it’s all in the Details

Chosen the perfect corporate gift? Don’t forget all the other little extras that really make a difference. Always include a note expressing your gratitude and thanks, this will up the impact of your intent. Gorgeous gift wrapping always creates extra magic - and it goes without saying to double-check the spelling of the recipient’s name and address before sending.


If you’d like some corporate gifting ideas, The Favour Studio creates carefully, hand-crafted corporate gift packages, brimming with delights from independent brands. From gourmet treats and spa rituals to grooming gifts and covetable tech items, we’ll prepare you a fully-bespoke and beautifully packaged corporate gift that will delight your recipients.

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