From well-considered thank yous to celebrating new partnerships, sending a thoughtful corporate gift is a sure-fire way to win favours amongst clients, customers and employees. But striking the right notes is everything and a lacklustre or poorly timed gift will never do. From identifying key gifting moments to how to make your budget work for you, here, we present our quick guide to corporate gifting.


1. Set Your Corporate Gifting Goals

Before you even embark on your corporate gifting strategy, the first thing you need to think about is what you’re trying to achieve. Are you looking to increase client satisfaction? Improve client loyalty? Cultivate better employee retention? Like any business strategy, taking the time to think about your "why" is crucial to make a lasting impression with your business gifts.


2. Identify Gifting Moments 

Christmas and birthdays are all great gift-giving opportunities but they’re also pretty predictable. The key to wowing your business associates is to think outside the holidays and really captivate them with something amazing at an unexpected moment. Hit a business milestone? Got a partnership anniversary approaching? Just want to say thank you? These are all perfect corporate gifting moments. Once you’ve drawn up a list of gifting opportunities you can plan the number of employees or clients as recipients and establish how a corporate gifting strategy will benefit your business.


3. Determine your Budget

Whether you’re at a fledgling start-up or Fortune 500, most businesses don't have an infinite gift budget. So, figuring out how much your business can spend on gifts is crucial. Establish what your budget is going to be. From single gifts for one employee to multiple gifts for clients, you need to be strategic in how you allocate your resources.


4. Make Your Budget Work for You 

You’ve secured your budget, now it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty and see how to make it work for your number of clients or employees. Don’t worry if you’ve only got a small amount to spend, a tiered approach works well. You can reach a large group with smaller gifts, and send more expensive gifts to a smaller group of clients. If you’re really stuck on what to send whom, consider basing your decision on the amount of business you’ve done with them. For instance, something as simple as a handwritten card works for standard clients, then a single gift for premium clients and a gift box for VIP clients.


5. Plan, Plan, Plan

Armed with your list of corporate gifting opportunities, you’ve got plenty of time to source the right gifts. Meticulous advanced planning means no last-minute rush to get your business associates something. Be sure to have all the recipient's information on hand before so you don’t have to ask them for details (thus, ruining the surprise). If you’re sending a batch of gifts at once, prep at least a month in advance.


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