An inside look at the business of gifting. Celine, the founder of The Favour Studio, shares her stories from behind-the-scenes of her gifting studio. 


Have you ever wondered how the gifts for my gift boxes are selected? Curating new products and brands is without a doubt one of the most fun parts of my business. But it’s also the most time-consuming.

There is a lot that goes into the selection of these gifts - more than most people realise. As I go through the process of curating my gift collections, I look for different things:


  • The right brand

    I love supporting small businesses. I’m all about the stories behind these brands and their beginnings, and I love to see them grow into successful businesses. When I work with a brand, it’s important that they share my values and commitment to creating a more sustainable world. That’s why I often partner with small businesses and artisans: people who put their heart and soul into their business and deliver stellar products.

  • Well-made products with unique designs that are sure to impress

    When it comes to gifting, sometimes it feels like there’s nothing new under the sun. We’ve all received the same things over and over again - the bottle of wine, or the box of chocolates. Don’t get me wrong - there’s nothing wrong with a good classic - but I love finding gifts that are truly unique. The best gifts are well-made and irresistible - items that tell a story and aren't found at just any store.

  • Sustainability

    When I talk about sustainability, I don't just mean environmental sustainability, though that's a big part of it. I mean all-around sustainability—the way a business treats its workers and their communities, the way it makes its products, and the fact that it can be traced back to the people who make them.

    I want to support businesses that take this to heart, from companies that make everything in-house in small batches, to working with sheltered workshops. These are the businesses I want to support because they're a reflection of my own vision: one where we treat each other well and take care of our planet for future generations.


In short: curating my gift collection is a long and complex process. There’s never just one reason I choose a product or a brand to work with. It’s a combination of many factors. And while checking to make sure each brand lives up to my (very high) standards takes a lot of time, it’s more than worth it!