So you have a new mum in your life and it’s time to buy her a gift. What to choose? Of course, you know she’ll already be overwhelmed with babygros and teddy bears, so why not treat her to something she will love that’s not for baby? Being a new mum is a haze of sleepless nights, endlessly tired days with a non-stop bubba who needs your attention, so the most meaningful of gifts will be ones that embrace self-care. From pampering beauty boxes to entertainment subscriptions, be inspired with our favourite five gifts for new mums that aren’t for baby.


The Gift of Time

Your time, to be specific. The most precious thing any new mother needs is a few moments to herself to decompress, relax – and catch up on essential missing sleep! Whether you offer to babysit, run errands or help around the house, donating some of your time to support the new mum in your life will be beyond appreciated. Best of all, it doesn’t cost a thing – but is utterly priceless.


Our heavenly Relax Gift box will bring the spa experience into her home. She’ll love slipping into a warm bath soaking in dreamy mineral salts fragranced with lavender and cardamom, while feeling the soothing benefits of a hydrating sheet face mask. Perhaps most practical of all is its organic cotton sleep mask so she can grab some much needed shut-eye when baby naps!

An Entertainment Subscription She’ll Love

For many new mums, most of their time is spent on the sofa – whether nursing, recouping while the little one naps or just hanging out with baby. This is the perfect opportunity for mum to indulge in a bit of entertainment. Why not gift her a subscription to some entertainment she’ll love. From Netflix to Disney+, there are endless TV streaming options, or if she’s more of a bookworm how about a Kindle or Audible subscription?

Coffee & Treats Gift Box 

A Tasty Treat

Housing all the deliciously decadent treats a new mum would want, our Coffee & Treats Gift Box is the go-to gift for mums needing a perky pick-me-up. With luxurious Champagne flavoured wine gums and dark, single origin Colombian chocolate, it’s packed with sweet delights. As pretty much all new mums survive on caffeine, the box’s stylish reusable glass coffee cup will be an indispensable part of her everyday warrior mum armour.

Perfect Pampering

There’s no better way to go from slummy mummy to yummy mummy than by getting out of the house and into a spa or salon. When mum finally has time, she’d adore an indulgent pampering session where she can relax and rejuvenate. Whether it’s a gift certificate to her favourite hairdresser, a postnatal massage voucher at a spa or a glam makeover at a salon, you’ll really make her day. Especially when you babysit during her appointment!

Spoil the new mum in your life with one of our exquisite gift boxes for new mums.