There’s nothing quite like the feeling of watching someone’s face fill up with joy when they open a gift you’ve chosen. Birthdays, Christmas, graduation, engagement - whatever the occasion, finding the perfect gift for your loved ones is really special. 

A great gift can be remembered for a lifetime, so taking your time to choose a thoughtful gift for your friend is always worthwhile - unless you’ve got a hard-to-buy-for (HTBF) friend. Every friend group has one, the one whose birthday causes a ripple effect of panic throughout the group. What on earth do you buy the friend who has everything?

With an HTBF friend, it can feel like you’ve spent weeks searching for the right thing only to realise - they actually have everything they want! 

We’ve got six fabulous gift ideas for the friend who has everything… 

Buy them experiences instead of something physical

Whether your friend is a minimalist or just has a very particular taste, there’s nothing worse than buying a gift that you never see them use - it’s tucked away in a cupboard, under the bed, or worst of all (we all do it) re-gifted! Sometimes, finding the perfect gift isn’t about buying a thing, it’s about buying quality time with your friend doing something fun. Is there something they’ve always wanted to do but never found the time? Experiences are a great way to try something new, spend time with your friend and create some amazing memories together.

TIP: Make sure to confirm their availability before booking anything - there’s nothing relaxing about a diary clash...

Make them something 

Far from the macaroni necklaces and friendship bracelets of our childhoods, if you’re the creative type making something for your friend is a really thoughtful gesture. Not only do you get to give them something they definitely won’t already have, it also represents the time and love you’ve poured into it. Handmade gifts can look like anything from a delicious birthday cake or their favourite baked goods, to a macrame plant holder, a piece of art, some pottery, or even a candle! It’s fun to create, affordable and shows a whole lot of love. 

Gift them a DIY set

Got a friend who loves trying new activities in their own time? Why not give them something to do! There are loads of kits around now that teach you air-dry pottery, how to grow your own Aloe Vera, crochet your own blanket or make your own cocktails. This is perfect for the busy friend who loves trying new things but never has the time to look into classes. No diary clashes, and no obligations - they can just do it in their own time. Want to make an evening of it? Why not get yourself one too for an at-home experience together.

Shop small 

Shopping from an independent brand not only supports the smaller businesses that rely on customer support, but it also means your friend is much less likely to already own it. Independent brands have a beautiful array of unique gifts that your friend will love - and definitely won’t already have!

Put a gift box together

Birthday post is the best, right? Make your friend’s birthday morning even better with a box of pre-curated gifts snuggled in one package, beautifully gift-wrapped and accompanied with a handwritten note. The Favour Studio offers a selection of packages from the Pregnancy Care Package to the Men’s On The Go Tech package (including portable speaker!), to at-home spa kits. Full of luxury high-quality gifts, our gift boxes make for the perfect thoughtful present for the friend who has everything. 

TIP: You know a gift is good when you want one for yourself! Check out our gift boxes or treat yourself here!

Make it as personal as possible 

The key to a really great gift, no matter what you choose, is making it as personal as possible. Try thinking about a gift that doesn’t just reflect their interests but represents something special about your friendship. What’s a love that you both share? Maybe you went to college together, or had a memorable holiday. Truly special gifts are ones that remind us of the people who gifted them and the love we have for them, so whatever you choose to get for your HTBF friend, make sure it means something to you both.

Lastly, have some fun with it! Gifts are meant to be fun and exciting for the giver as well as the receiver, so enjoy the process of gift-giving and finding the perfect treat for your loved one. 

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