Supporting our friends in their newest life ventures is what being a good person is all about. We’re used to buying friends gifts when they get married or have kids, but what about other big life achievements? 

Side hustles, self-employment and entrepreneurship are all on the rise, which probably means that you know someone who is grafting hard carving out their own career path - how exciting! So, why not celebrate their amazing achievement with a gift that speaks to their hard work? After all, launching a business is like having a baby; late nights, early mornings, happy days and probably some tears at times.

Our achievements throughout life are as multifaceted as we are, so let’s celebrate these incredible milestones and show our friends how proud we are of them. 

To help you find the perfect gift for your business building friend, we’ve come up with a whole load of thoughtful ideas: some practical, some edible and some just for fun! 

Pop a bottle 

Nothing screams, “I did it!” like a bottle of bubbly! Head over for a glass of prosecco or a mocktail to celebrate their amazing achievement together, or send one over with a personalised note about how proud you are of them. You can also get personalised bottle labels if you want to go the extra mile and turn it into a keepsake. 

Something for the office 

Whether they’re working from home or in an office space, supplies and stationery are always appreciated. Give your friend something to remind them of your support every time they sit at their desk. Great options are notebooks, a vase with flowers, a plant, or even a piece of art. Little things can go a long way when you’re sitting at a desk every day! 

Keep them fuelled up

If there’s one thing for sure, it’s that having your own business takes a lot of work - and a lot of caffeine! Why not buy your friend a voucher for their local coffee shop and keep them fuelled up with our Cup of Tea gift box including a reusable glass coffee cup, organic white tea and delicious luxurious chocolate bar? This comes all wrapped up with a personalised hand-written note, perfect for a keepsake.  

Time to chill 

At the end of a long day, we all need to kick back and put our feet up. As a business owner, it can be so hard to switch off, even though it’s the key to avoiding burnout. Give your friend everything they need for a relaxing night in with The Favour Studio Wellness Boxes. Our range of gift boxes come in a variety of sizes and include everything from bath salts to sheet masks, sweet treats, candles and beautiful luxury skincare. 

Self-care is so important, whether you’re a mum to be, a business mum to be or anywhere in between. Helping our friends take care of themselves while celebrating their achievements makes for a really special gift. And remember, whatever you decide to gift your business-building friend, your support is what really matters! 

At The Favour Studio, celebrating small businesses and helping you find the perfect gifts for your loved ones is our combo of dreams. All our gift boxes contain hand-selected high-quality products from independent businesses so you can find something truly special for someone truly special.

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